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The Classic South African Cookbook

I am so excited to share The Classic South African Cookbook with you! I had the great honor of working on the photography for this stunning book, with author Melinda Roodt, when I was living in South Africa in 2014. It is now available for purchase through Amazon and Target, published by Penguin Random House South Africa.

My beautiful copies arrived a few weeks ago and have actually inspired my husband to start cooking - a total miracle in our house! As a native South African with a wife who cooks fairly basic meals most of the time, he’s been missing these flavors and textures while living abroad in the US. So far, he has tackled the lasagne recipe twice and he made turmeric rice to go along with a traditional South African dish called bobotie, which turned out exactly by the book! 

For readers local to South Africa, this book is truly a classic to have on your kitchen shelf, for every day meals, as well as dinner party masterpieces. And for my readers abroad, this book will open up a whole new world of possibilities in your kitchen, from roosterkoek to mealie pap tart to rusks! And it certainly wouldn't be a true South African cookbook without hearty meat recipes, such as the lamb knuckle potjie. You can even learn how to make homemade pasta with three easy ingredients! Are you ready for a culinary adventure this year? The Classic South African Cookbook is now available and great for gifts. Get your copy today!

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